Another Gosnell-like ‘House of Horrors’ Revealed in Texas

Posted: May 17, 2013 3:08 PM
Another Gosnell-like ‘House of Horrors’ Revealed in Texas

Was Kermit Gosnell really the outlier abortion-rights advocates would like us to believe? No—the real question seems to be, how many more Gosnells are out there? According to an Operation Rescue report released Wednesday, there’s at least one more in Texas.

Four former employees of this ‘house of horrors’ are speaking out, and as one would expect, the details are just as gruesome and shocking as those revealed during Gosnell’s trial. 

"Houston doctor Douglas Karpen is accused by four former employees of delivering live fetuses during third-trimester abortions and killing them by either snipping their spinal cord, stabbing a surgical instrument into their heads or 'twisting their heads off their necks with his own bare hands'.

Other times the fetus was so big he would have to pull it out of the womb in pieces, Karpen's ex-assistant, Deborah Edge, said in an Operation Rescue video, which has prompted a criminal investigation into the doctor."

(This video contains graphic testimony but does not show any graphic images)

Equally disturbing in this case is that Operation Rescue filed a complaint with the Texas Medical Board against the abortionist, including a history of problems, photographs and whistleblower accounts, but it was dismissed on the grounds of “insufficient evidence.” Operation Rescue’s report documents the entire story.

“Douglas Karpen is so like Kermit Gosnell that it is uncanny, from the illegal late-term abortions, to killing babies born alive, to even the sewers clogged with fetal remains,” Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger said. “But the most disturbing thing is that we know there are others out there who are maybe even worse than Gosnell and Karpen, who just have not been caught yet. How many? There’s just no way to tell, but that thought should give everyone pause to think. Can we really afford to allow abortion clinics to run amok without accountability? When we do, we get places like Gosnell’s ‘House of Horrors” and Karpen’s apparently illicit operation. The ones that pay the price for the lack of enforcement and oversight are those who can’t defend themselves from exploitation by men like them.”