#GetCovered? 50% Of Uninsured Ignore the White House's Mandate

Posted: Mar 30, 2014 2:00 PM
President Obama and the White House have been on an unprecedented PR campaign to raise awareness about Obamacare and the (now delayed and exempted) mandate that the uninsured buy health insurance by the end of March.

The campaign's not going so hot.

A poll out this week from the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that half of all people have chosen to remain uninsured - and that an additional 10% either don't know about the mandate or refused to answer the question. (After all, it's "against the law" not to buy insurance.)


This isn't unexpected - after all, despite the mandate, there will still remain nearly 30 million Americans without health insurance even under the ideal projections put out by the Congressional Budget Office. The Obama Administration still remains comfortably behind those enrollment projections.