Barry Goldwater Jr: The Classic Power Struggle Dates Back To The Founding Fathers

Posted: Jul 31, 2018 8:30 PM
Barry Goldwater Jr: The Classic Power Struggle Dates Back To The Founding Fathers

Washington D.C. - Former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. (R-Calif.)  spoke to hundreds of conservative students this afternoon at Young America’s Foundation’s 40th annual National Conservative Student Conference, on the power struggle of politics and the classic struggle that dates all the way back to Jefferson and Hamilton. 

The struggle of where the power will lie still goes on today, this stretches all the way back to Jefferson and Hamilton and we see it again manifested in the economic struggle between Milton Friedman and Keynesian economics. Today we see this manifested in left vs. right, conservative vs. liberal and MSNBC vs. Fox News.

In 2010 the energy of the Tea Party movement energized the base, and the movement still possesses the energy which gives us a recipe for success in 2018. 

Goldwater Jr. recalled serving with his father when his father served as a senator. “We didn’t get together on too many pieces of legislation, but I remember one we worked together on The Privacy Act of 1974.” Here we see the political divide and power struggle manifested even within in this politically iconic family. 

Goldwater recalled how Dwight D. Eisenhower manifested the principles of both liberals and conservatives. “Before you can distribute, you have to take. Government really makes nothing," said Goldwater. 

“Freedom, not government has created this great country,” said Goldwater. His father, Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-AZ.), had “…become a voice of liberty, and along with Reagan launched the conservative movement that is being carried with by the Young America’s Foundation. Ron Robinson, I take my hat off to you…I look out here and I see the future leaders of America.”

Goldwater Jr. did not shy from taking a hardline stance of current issues which are hotly contested, illegal immigration and family separation among them. 

“I think the reason we are moving so far left is because of all the illegal immigrants that are coming in from California and New York…It just points out that freedom is very attractive and people like doing business where there is less regulation,” he said.

America is being moved more to the left of the classic struggle between Jefferson and Hamilton. “That is the challenge that we face in the next election. Are we up for the challenge? I say the answer is yes.” Goldwater asked, “Are you with me?” 

“I think we can win this election if we want to,” said Goldwater.