FLASHBACK: When Kavanaugh's Accuser Said She Would Testify and 'Do Whatever It Takes' to Be Heard

Posted: Sep 20, 2018 12:00 PM

As the deadline for Judge Brett Kavanaugh's accuser to make a decision about testifying against him inches closer, Democrats are getting even more desperate in their attempts to take down his nomination to the Supreme Court. 

Earlier this week and shortly after Chrstine Blasey Ford revealed herself as the woman behind anonymous accusations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh -- from nearly 40 years ago -- her attorney said multiple times on a series of different television networks that her client was ready to testify and would "do whatever it takes" to have her story told. 

"She's willing to do whatever it takes to get her story forth," attorney Debra Katz said.

Over the past few days, that hasn't been the case. Ford, along with Democrat Senators on the Judiciary Committee, have repeatedly moved the goal posts. 

First, Ford and her attorney refused to respond to multiple requests from Chairman Chuck Grassley to discuss her case and testimony (testimony she demanded in a Washington Post article on Sunday). Then, Ford said she will not testify until there are additional witnesses invited to do the same and only after an FBI investigation into the matter. The FBI has already stated they are not investigating the case for a number of reasons. Ford can't remember when and where the alleged incident happened other than at a high school party nearly 40 years ago. If a crime was committed the statute of limitations has run out and it would be a local issue, not a federal one. Finally, the FBI has already conducted six background checks on Kavanaugh and this incident didn't show up. 

Democrats are now classifying efforts to allow Ford to tell her story as "bullying," despite her attorney saying repeatedly she was willing to do so.

Grassley has given Ford until 10 a.m. et Friday morning to make a decision about providing testimony either in an open hearing, closed hearing or private meeting at a location of her choice in California. So far, Ford's attorney has responded by saying testimony isn't happening without an FBI investigation or additional witnesses.