Andrew McCabe Reportedly Just Scored a Book Deal

Posted: Apr 20, 2018 2:45 PM

It was one week ago today that the Department of Justice Inspector General [OIG] issued a scathing report depicting fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as a serial liar.

According to OIG, McCabe lied under oath to FBI and inspector general investigators three times. The report also showed McCabe lied to former FBI Director James Comey about leaking sensitive information the press. As a result, McCabe has been referred to the U.S. Attorney in Washington D.C. for criminal prosecution. 

But McCabe, whose statements from his attorneys show he has little concern over potential prosecution, is undeterred and appears to be cashing in on the situation. 

"Mr. McCabe also quietly shopped a book proposal recently to publishing houses. He received offers from multiple publishers, according to several industry executives, and came to an agreement to publish the book with one of the major houses. His literary agent, Todd Shuster, declined to comment," the New York Times reports. "Mr. McCabe is said to have recently sold the rights to his own book about his time at the F.B.I., which is likely to excoriate Mr. Trump."

After being fired in March for a lack of candor, McCabe hired a Washington D.C. lobbying firm to set up a legal defense fund. Within days, he raised more than $500,000 from leftist sympathizers who view him as a victim of the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, the OIG report came just days before fired FBI Director James Comey started his book tour. Today the Wall Street Journal reported Comey is under investigation by the DOJ inspector general for allegedly leaking classified information to a friend, who then gave the information to a reporter, last year.