Bernie Sanders Got a $795,000 Advance For a Book Ranting About Terrible Rich People

Posted: Jun 05, 2017 4:15 PM
Bernie Sanders Got a $795,000 Advance For a Book Ranting About Terrible Rich People

Another day, another blatant example of Senator Bernie Sanders' hypocrisy. 

According to a new report from POLITICO, the former Democrat presidential candidate and self-described socialist (who often borders on communism) raked in a whopping $795,000 in advance payments for a book about his 2016 campaign and "the revolution." In other words, it's a book about the need to redistribute wealth from the terrible, evil, awful rich class he believes is destroying America (despite him being part of that rich class, of course).

Sen. Bernie Sanders snagged a $795,000 advance last year for his book “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In,” according to his personal financial disclosure.

The book hit best-seller lists after its post-election release in November. Sanders also took in a $63,750 advance for a future adaptation of “Our Revolution” geared toward younger readers and $6,735 in royalties from his 1997 book “Outsider in the House,” rereleased in 2015 as “Outsider in the White House.” The Vermont independent also reported receiving $2,521 in royalties last year for a 1987 folk album.

Sanders is also the owner of three homes. His latest book is available through corporations Amazon and Barnes and Noble for purchase. 

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Walter E. Williams
Sanders vowed to donate the proceeds from his last book to the "Children of Vermont," an organization that does not exist.