Grassley: 'Vague' FBI Letter on Clinton Case Leaves More Questions

Posted: Nov 06, 2016 6:00 PM
Grassley: 'Vague' FBI Letter on Clinton Case Leaves More Questions

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley is calling FBI Director James Comey's Sunday afternoon announcement reaffirming the Bureau's July decision not to indict Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton "vague" and in need of further explanation. 

“For months now, I’ve been urging the FBI to provide details regarding the scope of its investigation. The American people deserve to know whether the FBI sought to determine if Secretary Clinton and her aides deliberately maneuvered around federal open records laws or congressional investigations. Another vague announcement by the FBI has again failed to provide this context," Grassley released Sunday evening in a statement. "The growing number of unanswered questions demand explanations:  Is the FBI continuing to review the newly-revealed emails?  Did the FBI limit its review to email from when Clinton was Secretary of State, leaving out emails that could shed light on possible obstruction of Congress? Did the Justice Department authorize an application for a search warrant for this latest review, and if so, was it the first time such a tool was used in this investigation?  Did the FBI seek compulsory process earlier in its review, and if not, why not?  Answers to these questions would provide greater context of the FBI’s investigation and greater assurance to the American people of its thoroughness."

Meanwhile, Democrats back to praising Comey and the FBI after a week of condemnation for publicly announcing the investigation into Clinton's private server was reopened.