Obama Meeting With Attorney General Lynch Today to Discuss Executive Action on Gun Control

Posted: Jan 04, 2016 7:50 AM
Obama Meeting With Attorney General Lynch Today to Discuss Executive Action on Gun Control

In case you missed it last week, President Obama announced he will be meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch today to discuss his options surrounding new executive actions on gun control.

"A few months ago, I directed my team at the White House to look into any new actions I can take to help reduce gun violence. On Monday, I'll meet with our Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to discuss our options," Obama said. "The gun lobby is loud and well organized in its defense of effortlessly available guns for anyone," he said. "The rest of us are going to have to be just as passionate and well organized in our defense of our kids. That's the work of citizenship - to stand up and fight for the change that we seek. I hope you'll join me in making America safer for all of our children." 

Obama's plan reportedly will focus on the implementation of "universal background checks" and closing the non-existent "gun show loophole."

Keep in mind Obama met with former New York City Mayor and gun confiscation advocate Michael Bloomberg at the White House on this issue before taking off on his Hawaii vacation.

A few points: 

1) President Obama is incredibly out of touch with the majority of Americans on this issue, especially at an uneasy time of lone wolf terror attacks.

2) President Bill Clinton's gun control measures, which were passed by Congress not unilaterally in the Oval Office as Obama will do, did nothing to decrease crime or mass shootings. Obama's executive action on so called "universal background checks" and others won't either.

3) Obama claims "change" will "take all of us" while getting ready to implement gun control alone.

4) Obama's efforts would be better served by asking Attorney General Lynch why the Department of Justice isn't properly enforcing many of the laws already on the books. For example, prosecutions of straw purchasers have significantly decreased during Obama's tenure by 40 percent. 

5) Finally, the "gun lobby" Obama has such disdain and contempt for is made up of millions of law abiding citizens protecting their Second Amendment rights. When Obama attacks the "gun lobby," he's attacking regular, law abiding, everyday Americans.

At this point on the legal side, Obama doesn't a have a lot of options when it comes to implementing gun control unilaterally. That being said, the legality of executive action hasn't stopped Obama before and its doubtful it will stop him now from violating the constitutional rights of millions of Americans.