Worst Refugee Crisis Since WWII Balloons in 2015

Posted: Dec 22, 2015 9:00 AM
Worst Refugee Crisis Since WWII Balloons in 2015

The number of people fleeing war torn regions around the world (with a majority from Syria and Iraq) and arriving in Europe topped one million in 2015. This number marks a grim milestone, putting the number of refugees pouring into the continent at four times the rate of the year before. From the International Organization for Migration:

IOM confirmed yesterday (21/12) that over a million irregular migrants and refugees arrived in Europe in 2015, mostly from Syria, Africa and South Asia.

Through the weekend, IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix - Flow Monitoring System counted 999,745 irregular arrivals across the Mediterranean, including migrants journeying by both land and sea to Greece, as well as to Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Malta and Cyprus.

With arrivals of 4,141 migrants or refugees landing in Greece on Monday, IOM reports total arrivals to Europe at roughly 1,005,504, with just 3% coming by land.  The total is the highest migration flow since World War II.

There have been a number of ISIS terrorists who have posed as refugees to get into western countries and refugee camps are prime targets for recruitment. ISIS has vowed to continue its exploitation of the refugee crisis to carry out attacks and to expand the caliphate.