Rush Limbaugh Prepares to Sue the DCCC For Defamation: "Shame on Them"

Posted: Nov 11, 2014 8:30 AM

After the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee used a quote from Rush Limbaugh out of context and essentially accused him of endorsing rape, the conservative talk radio king has had enough and is preparing to sue the fundraising machine for defamation. Limbaugh is arguing that the DCCC has not only tried to destroy his show but the hundreds of small businesses that benefit from advertising on it. 

"It's unforgivable. It's black and white. There needs to be no hyperbole. There needs to be no stretching. Rush's comments were deliberately taken out of context for apparently political reasons by people who should know better. This was not an irresponsible blogger, this was a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee made up of people we have elected to Congress," Limbaugh's attorney Patty Glaser said in an interview on Hannity last night.  "Shame on them."

Glasey argued Ninth Circuit precedent that gives Limbaugh not only the ability to sue, but the ability to win.

Looks like some of the money raised off of Limbaugh could be going directly back to him if the lawsuit is successful and damages are paid.