Piers Morgan Sits Down With Sean Hannity, Slams Obama on ISIS

Posted: Oct 07, 2014 7:15 AM

Last night former CNN host Piers Morgan did something he never thought he'd do by sitting down for an interview at Fox News headquarters in New York City with Sean Hannity. Morgan is still set in his anti-Second Amendment views, but during the interview he offered a surprising critique of President Obama and gave extra criticism for recent comments he made on 60 Minutes blaming the intelligence community for failing to see the rise of ISIS in the Middle East. 

"Why a President would say they about his own intelligence services and not we, why he would want people to think this has nothing to do with me. And when I look at the spread of ISIS through the Middle East, I lot of it comes back, it seems to me, to Obama’s foreign policy strategy of, I like to lead from behind," Morgan said." "America should go away from being to global policeman, to being the leader from behind. America shouldn’t be leading anything from behind. American is, at its best, a great super power. And when it’s at its best, whether it’s dealing with Ebola at a humanitarian level or ISIS on a terrorism/ foreign policy level, America has to be confident, bold, and strong, and decisive."

Morgan also slammed Obama for saying the Islamic State isn't Islamic and for his callous decision to hit the golf course immediately after making a statement about the beheading of American journalist James Foley. 

"ISIS clearly is an Islamic fundamentalist organization, it’s a terror group, and when they start beheading American and British citizens in these gruesome, snuff movies that they are making, and releasing them to the world, taunting, taunting these countries," he said. "It’s not good enough to simply say, yea I’m really upset about this beheading, and then 7 minutes later as Obama did go to a golf course and be seen goofing around on the first tee. That really hit home to me."

Morgan and Hannity briefly debating the issue of gun control toward the end of the segment. Morgan seemed surprised when he asked Hannity if he was currently carrying a gun and the answer was yes. He was invited back on the program to thoroughly discuss that issue at a later date.

H/T Fox Nation