Darrell Issa: Eric Holder Administered Justice as a Divisive Political Activist

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Sep 25, 2014 3:00 PM
Darrell Issa: Eric Holder Administered Justice as a Divisive Political Activist

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa has issued a response to Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation announcement, calling him the most divisive in modern history. 

“Eric Holder is the most divisive U.S. Attorney General in modern history and, in a vote supported by 17 Democratic House Members, has the dubious historic distinction of being the first Attorney General held in criminal contempt by the U.S. House of Representatives,” Issa said in a statement earlier today. “Time and again, Eric Holder administered justice as the political activist he describes himself as instead of an unbiased law enforcement official. By needlessly injecting politics into law enforcement, Attorney General Holder’s legacy has eroded more confidence in our legal system than any Attorney General before him. Through strong arming reporters, practically ignoring high level wrongdoing, blocking his own agency Inspector General’s access to information, and overseeing a Department that attempted to stonewall Congressional oversight with denials of what is now established fact, Attorney General Holder abused his office and failed to uphold the values of our Constitution. While President Obama and the Senate should work expeditiously to find a replacement, time and care must be taken to ensure that our next Attorney General recognizes and does not repeat Mr. Holder’s mistakes.” 

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar, who also sits on the Committee and was the first to call for Holder's resignation in December 2011, went a step further by saying the Attorney General leaves behind a legacy of lawlessness at the Justice Department.

“It's a sad day when America rejoices about the news that the Attorney General of the United States is set to resign. His place in history will be marked by shameful violations of the rule of law and despicable circumvention of the Constitution. The integrity of our government, our Republic, fundamentally relies on the principle that no person, not even the president or the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, is above our laws," Gosar said. in a statement. “Over the past 6 years this Department of Justice has been defined by its failures and complete disregard for accountability. From the death of Brian Terry in the Fast and Furious gun running operation, to spying on journalist James Rosen, to tapping the phone records of the Associated Press, and most recently the unconstitutional Bergdahl prisoner exchange as well as the IRS scandal, there is no question that Eric Holder leaves behind a legacy of lawlessness, incompetence and hyper partisanship. I have been relentless in my pursuit to hold Eric Holder accountable for his actions and will not rest until the door officially hits him on his way out. The American people and U.S. Senate must ensure his replacement is a strict constitutionalist and not a partisan hack. Moving forward, our challenge begins now with rebuilding the trust of the American people and a return to fully upholding the laws of our country.”

This morning on the other side of the aisle, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is praised Holder during a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus for his "excellence."