Court Overturns City Council Decision Banning 'Guns Save Lives' Signs at Phoenix Bus Stops

Posted: May 09, 2014 8:15 AM

In a free speech victory late yesterday, the Arizona Court of Appeals struck down a decision by the Phoenix City Council to ban "Guns Save Lives" signs from being posted inside Phoenix area bus stop locations. Back in 2010, pro-gun activist Alan Korwin and his organization behind the "Guns Save Lives" campaign paid to have 50 of the ads displayed, but they were almost immediately taken down after outrage from city officials.

The conservative Goldwater Institute was instrumental in the court ruling, posting on their Facebook page last night, "Thanks to a Goldwater Institute victory in the Court of Appeals today, Alan Korwin can now put up bus signs for his gun training business without the possibility of citywide censorship from local government bureaucrats."

According to AZ Central, attorneys representing the Phoenix City Council tried to argue in court that there can be reasonable restrictions put on free speech "that appears in a 'non-public forum,' such as proprietary advertising sales," a strange argument to make considering Arizona is the most gun friendly state in the country.