Pro-Abortion NARAL Pretty Upset With Upholding of Texas Pro-Life Law

Posted: Nov 20, 2013 8:24 AM
Pro-Abortion NARAL Pretty Upset With Upholding of Texas Pro-Life Law

Last night, the Supreme Court issued a ruling declining to block new pro-life legislation in Texas requiring abortion doctors have hospital admitting privileges. The pro-abortion group NARAL isn't happy about it and is calling it a "devastating blow" to women's health.

"A decision like this one from the Supreme Court should send a chill down the spine of everyone in this country who believes medical decisions should be left in the hands of doctors and patients and not judges or politicians. Deciding not to step in against HB2 will have an immediate and devastating impact on women's health and lives," President of NARAL Pro-Choice America Ilyse Hogue said in a statement. "NARAL Pro-Choice America and our affiliates and members around the country will fight every day until we stop laws like this one from undermining quality health care for women in Texas and across the country. We ultimately believe that the fundamental right to privacy found in Roe v. Wade will prevail."

And they're also sounding pretty defeated.

"The Supreme Court was our last chance to stop Greg Abbott's runaway assault on our reproductive rights in Texas. Tonight, the nation's highest court instead turned its back on Texans and kept this dangerous law standing, pushing abortion clinics in Texas to close their doors. We will continue to fight this attack and stand with all Texans against this politically motived and harmful attack on their freedoms," Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Health Busby said in response to the ruling.

Since this pro-life legislation passed over the summer, a number of abortion clinics have closed because they failed to meet new clinic health standards.