Latest Liberal Talking Point: You're Obamaphobic

Posted: Jun 14, 2013 1:00 PM
Latest Liberal Talking Point: You're Obamaphobic

Liberals just can't help themselves. They'll do anything to protect the White House. With the latest scandalpalooza in Washington D.C., Obama's most loyal supporters are struggling to defend the President's agenda. So what are they doing instead? Calling opponents of that agenda "Obamaphobic."

First it was New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, who called Texas Senator Ted Cruz "Obamaphobic" for opposing Amnesty.

“Well, I think he has Obamaphobia,” Menendez said of Cruz on MSNBC. “The reality is that it is the Gang of Eight that came together — four Democrats, four Republicans — and said that we need a path to citizenship.”
Menendez’s comments were in response to Cruz saying on Monday that he thinks President Barack Obama is the “biggest obstacle” to real immigration reform rather than the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

Thursday night on his show, MSNBC Host Al Sharpton continued to use the term after Cruz jokingly embraced being "Obamaphobic" on Twitter.

AL SHARPTON: You got to hand it to the Republicans. They know how to stay on message. Scandal, scandal, scandal is all you hear from the right. But today President Obama called them out for standing in the way of progress.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA CLIP #1: Some Republicans may be rethinking the stances that they took in the past. That's the good news. We want to encourage that. But the fact of the matter is that a whole bunch of Republicans out there are not interested in getting things done.

PRESIDENT OBAMA CLIP #2: What's holding us back right now is inaction in Washington, gridlock in Washington, too many folks in Washington who are putting the next election ahead of the next generation.

SHARPTON: He's talking about Republican Senator Ted Cruz, the guy who once called President Obama the most radical President we've ever seen. He tweeted, "If supporting real immigration reform, not path to citizenship, is 'Obamaphobia,' guilty as charged. Re-tweet if you're a fellow 'Obamaphobic.'"

Bragging about being Obamaphobic. Now, I know he was responding to a Democratic Senator, but the fact is, this is who they are. They are scared because the party is built on fear and obstruction. And no matter how hard they try, it`s not working.

Republicans and conservatives like Cruz aren't afraid of President Obama, they simply oppose his big brother, big government agenda.The use of terms like "Obamaphobic" are used to cut off debate about serious issues.