Trump Jr.: Current Leaders Wouldn't Last 5 Minutes in Real Companies

Posted: Jan 07, 2016 11:25 AM
Trump Jr.: Current Leaders Wouldn't Last 5 Minutes in Real Companies

In an interview on the "Hannity" show, son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr.,  said that current political leaders in our country would not last 5 minutes in the real business world.  

"He's sick of being on the sidelines watching a bunch of incompetence in his mind.  And in our world, in our business world, these people wouldn't last 5 minutes in real companies and he's sick of them making decisions that are costing our children, their children behind them, trillions of dollars and really giving up the great power we've built up over the last 200 years," Trump Jr. said.  

When asked about Trump's controversial comments, Trump Jr. said, "In the end I think the things that he's saying are things that need to be said.  They're conversations that need to be had.  They're conversations that haven't been being had. Everyone knows about it.  If you go to a diner in the middle of America, people are having these conversations but our politicians are too scared to bring it up because they're worried about offending the .0002% of the country that may be somehow subject to whatever the conversation may be."

With the congressional approval rating being less than 14%, Trump Jr. has a point that the overwhelming majority of Americans have a complete lack of faith in political leaders.