Jeb Bush is Blowing Money, Substantially

Justin Holcomb
Posted: Dec 09, 2015 4:10 PM
Jeb Bush is Blowing Money, Substantially

Jeb Bush has spent more money from his Super PAC and campaign on advertisement than all other republican candidates combined. Take out Marco Rubio and John Kasich from the total money spent on advertisement, and Bush has spent more than double the combined amount that Christie, Graham, Carson, Fiorina, Paul, Cruz, and Trump have.

Jeb Bush has put his campaign and donors a whopping $33 million in the hole after a fierce strategy to advertise his Jeb! 2016 platform.

When compared to Hillary Clinton, Bush has spent more than triple that of the Democratic front runner.

Jeb Bush: $33 million

Marco Rubio: $13.1 million

John Kasich: $8.4 million

Chris Christie: $7 million

Lindsey Graham: $2.7 million

Ben Carson: $2.4 million

Carly Fiorina: $1 million

Rand Paul: $900,000

Ted Cruz: $850,000

Donald Trump: $216,000