Trump: California Terrorists are 'Chicken S**t'

Posted: Dec 06, 2015 11:10 AM
Trump: California Terrorists are 'Chicken S**t'

Donald Trump was in Spencer, Iowa yesterday campaigning for the Republican presidential nominee.  

He started his speech by addressing the terror attacks in Paris on November 13th and the terror attacks in San Bernardino, CA last week.  

"Take Paris...If a few people had guns on their belt, or their shin, in their jacket; instead of being slaughtered, you might have lost some, you definitely would have lost the bad guys.  But it wouldn't have been hundreds of people, with many more expected to die.  They are in the hospital dying now."

"And then you go to the tragedy that we just had in California.  Nobody has a gun, except the bad guys.  The scum.  The scum.  They're scum.  And nobody has a gun.  Nobody can protect themselves.  They got lucky that they left.  They left because they didn't want to die.  You know it's a whole big hoax they want to die. They don't want to die.  They talk about they want to die.  They don't want to die.  They're chicken s**t, believe me.  They don't want to die," Trump said.