Wendy Davis: 'I Truly Do Not Understand' How Women Can Support My Opponent

Posted: Oct 07, 2014 4:21 PM
Wendy Davis: 'I Truly Do Not Understand' How Women Can Support My Opponent

Appropriately enough, this icon of the feminist Left flashed her insularity and ignorance on MSNBC, where she first achieved folk hero status among the hardcore pro-abortion crowd.  Wendy may be coming to grips with the fact that she's getting blown out, but for the life of her, she can't fathom how she's (at best) tied among female voters:

"You know, I truly do not understand how women can support [Greg Abbott's] candidacy."

Allow me to assist in decoding this mystery, Wendy.  First, according to the latest poll, which puts your rival ahead by 11 points, "Abbott is still trusted more than Davis in all four major policy areas we regularly track – government spending (48% to 36%), taxes (50% to 35%), social issues (44% to 41%) and government ethics and corruption (44% to 37%)."  You're losing on every front of the campaign.  Second, you are wildly out of the American mainstream on the issue that made you famous.  You filibustered a law that ends the inhumane practice of sixth-month abortion, with limited exceptions. But American women support that common-sense regulation by an enormous margin, and are more likely than men to do so.  Come to think of it, you do not speak for women on the abortion question more generally, as a substantial majority of female voters favor significant restrictions on the practice.  Third, you're an ineffective debater (pro-tip: droning on over the moderator doesn't typically play well). Finally, I suspect that a lot of Texas women aren't impressed with your (dishonestly revised) resume, which includes such low-lights as voluntarily giving up custody of your daughters to pursue your career, and walking out on your marriage literally the day after your ex-husband made the final payment on your law school education -- for which he'd cashed in his 401k and taken out a loan.  Sorry to be blunt, Wendy, but it seems as though many voters have concluded that you're not only a bad candidate who doesn't share their values, but also a bad person.  Hope that helps clear a few things up.

A few more points: Davis' campaign has announced that it has less than one-fifth of Abbott's war chest entering the race's home stretch.  A political scientist was quoted in the Houston Chronicle in June, estimating that in order for Davis to be remotely competitive, "she's going to have to spend at least $10 million in October."  She doesn't have that kind of money left in her coffers; not even close.  Perhaps she wouldn't be in such a deep hole if she'd prioritized her campaign's dollars slightly more responsibly over the years:

Embattled Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has spent more than $131,000 in campaign funds to pay for luxury apartments in Austin, Texas, since her election to the Texas State Senate in 2008, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis. While such use of campaign funds is legal in Texas, the amounts involved and properties rented may undermine Davis’s campaign persona of a working class single mom...Davis, whose permanent address is in Fort Worth, lists government accountability as a primary issue on her campaign website, which says she opposes elected officials who “have turned state agencies and programs into their own personal piggy bank, granting favors to their friends, rewarding donors, and furthering their own interests.”

But that's precisely how she's behaved, using campaign funds to subsidize her lavish lifestyle.  Her donors must be thrilled.  Given her cavalier attitude toward spending other people's money, Texan taxpayers appear poised to dodge a fiscal bullet by electing her opponent.  Finally, on a tangentially-related note, Mediaite's Eddie Scarry wrote last week about the other woman in the clip embedded above:

The next time MSNBC’s Alex Wagner takes out her pom poms and merrily cheers on one of the Obama administration’s policies, shouldn’t she disclose that she’s now married to one of the president’s senior advisers? Wagner’s husband Sam Kass, currently the president’s senior nutrition policy advisor, used to literally feed Obama as a White House chef, and yet Wagner, as she did on Thursday, is allowed by MSNBC to tout the Affordable Healthcare Act as a “success story” without letting her audience in on her own strong connections to the White House. Obama was — this isn’t a joke — a guest at Wagner and Kass’s wedding in late August. The only way Wagner could be more in bed with the White House is if she pulled back the sheets and told Kass to scooch over.

I'm all for more disclosure from journalists, but MSNBC isn't reallynews channel.  Almost every single host in their line-up is metaphorically sweatin' up the sheets with the Obama White House, and Wagner's leftism isn't a secret in the least -- so is the Wagner/Kass connection even relevant?