Video: Congressional Democrats *Heart* the IRS

Posted: Jul 03, 2014 11:59 AM

As you prepare to kick off your holiday weekend -- during which you will most assuredly ignore this chipper nannying -- please enjoy this Washington Free Beacon montage of Democrats playing obsequious defense for IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and his agency at recent Congressional hearings:

The overwhelming majority of the American people want the IRS targeting scandal investigated further, as calls for a special prosecutor grow louder. Multiple polls show that people aren't buying the IRS' tall tale that a lone computer hard drive crash permanently deleted Lois Lerner's emails over a two year stretch that just happened to coincide with the advent of the abusive scheme. The lack of duplicates and triplicate records appears to be a clear violation of the IRS' own regulations, which were designed to comply with federal law. As Koskinen unapologetically sneered and stonewalled his way through several grillings, Democrats made fools of themselves by slavishly prostrating themselves before the corrupt, unforgiving tax collection agency that most Americans despise. These people love big government, so it only follows that they would practically worship its enforcers -- who were only doing the Lord's work in furtherance of this "phony scandal" anyway. Come to think of it, IRS is the closest thing bureaucratic Statism has to a military, and these Democrats support their troops.

Parting thought:
Most Americans intuitively understand that what happened at the IRS stinks to high heaven and hasn't been resolved, but they didn't see or hear much at all of the hearings. Might it be worth the RNC's time and money to run (admittedly expensive) nationwide ads that essentially replicate the clip above? Watching Democrats out-fangirling each other in service of an IRS protection scheme -- featuring multiple wildly misplaced calls for more funding -- might be an instructive spectacle for 'low information voters.' Maybe slip in a reminder at the end that these are the people tasked with enforcing Obamacare. Just spitballing here.