Islamic State Burns Infidel, Obama Chars Christianity

Posted: Feb 06, 2015 12:19 PM

On this week's Townhall Weekend Journal:

Bill Bennett and Marc Thiessen on Jordan now waging war on Islamic State. Dennis Prager with David Pryce Jones on what is driving Islamic State to use such evil tactics. Hugh Hewitt and Jim Talent on the Obama Administration's bungling Middle East agenda. Bill Bennett and Jonah Goldberg on Obama's attempt to please both the Saudis and the Environmental Lobby. Hewitt and Mike Pompeo on the never-ending Benghazi Committee. Prager and Douglas Feith on Obama's latest attempt to cut funds for the military. Newt Gingrich's top-notch speech at the Iowa Freedom Forum regarding the war on Islamic State. Mike Gallagher spoke with Speaker Gingrich about his speech.