BREAKING: Charleston Church Shooter in Custody

Posted: Jun 18, 2015 11:23 AM

The suspect who allegedly gunned down nine innocent people at a South Carolina church last night has been caught, according to Newsweek:

The president will hold a press conference about the shooting at 11:45 EST. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: Reuters confirms:

UPDATE: South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) released the following statement today:

"Our prayers are with the families of the victims and the people of Charleston. We are all heartbroken by this tragedy.

"To the families of the victims, please know that you are being prayed for and loved by so many in the community and across the nation. I pray that God will provide you healing in the coming days.

"There are bad people in this world who are motivated by hate. Every decent person has been victimized by the hateful, callous disregard for human life shown by the individual who perpetrated these horrible acts.

"Our sense of security and well-being has been robbed and shaken."

UPDATE: The shooting happened in Charleston at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Here's some history of the building, courtesy of the AP:

Emanuel comes from the Hebrew name meaning, "God with us." On the church's webpage is a quote: "Jesus died a passionate death for us, so our love for Him should be as passionate."

"It's one of the most historic churches in the country," said Rep. Seth Whipper of North Charleston. "The church has a history of serving freed men and serving slaves.

UPDATE: Attorney General Loretta Lynch just confirmed that the suspect has been caught.

UPDATE: Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) recently spoke to reporters at a joint press conference in Charleston.

“We woke up today and the heart and soul of South Carolina was broken,” she said through tears. “And so we have some grieving to do. And we’ve got some pain we have to go through. Parents are having to explain to their kids how they can go to church and feel safe—and that’s not something we’d ever thought we’d deal with. Having said that, we are a strong and faithful state. We love our state, we love our country, and most importantly, we love each other. [We need] to lift these nine families up in prayer.”

UPDATE: Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen just said that the alleged shooter was cooperative, and that he is the only suspect at this time.

UPDATE: Also this:

UPDATE: Jeb Bush has nixed all in-state campaign events today in light of what happened.

UPDATE: If you'd like to donate to Mother Emanuel Church, click here.

UPDATE: Read my write-up of President Obama's reaction to the shooting here.