George Pataki on 2016: "I'm Leaning Towards It"

Posted: Apr 14, 2015 3:00 PM
George Pataki on 2016: "I'm Leaning Towards It"


In fairness, he probably has more name recognition than Lincoln Chafee:

Republican Gov. George Pataki served as New York State’s chief executive for 12 turbulent years -- both before and after 9/11. Hence, what he lacks in charisma and name I.D. he almost certainly makes up for in crisis management and executive experience. And so the question is worth asking: Can candidates like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio, all of whom have officially put their names forward in 2016, even hold a candle to the public-service records of long-serving governors like George Pataki, and others like him?

“They haven’t run a government,” the ex-governor asserted plainly in the clip above. “They haven’t shown their ability to convert words to action.”

That's true. And yet the most qualified contender running for president is not necessarily guaranteed to win the presidency; the most inspiring and likable candidate usually is. So, does Gov. Pataki strikes you as the most inspiring and likeable candidate preparing to enter the race? Ahem:

I suspect that’s how most GOP primary-goers feel about Pataki right about now. The polls don't lie. Naturally, however, that's not stopping him from traveling to New Hampshire later this week. Surprise!