Left-leaning Pundit on 2016: "Democrats Should be Very Worried"

Posted: Feb 09, 2015 11:45 AM

Van Jones, who once advised the president and is now a co-host on CNN’s Crossfire, recently had a few words of caution for Democrats giddy about 2016 (via The Blaze):

Jones illustrates two reasons why Democrats should be less-than-enthused about the 2016 primary season: The obvious diversity—and star power—of the opposition party. “This is going to be the greatest show on earth,” he contends. Some of us, however, might disagree with this characterization, but he’s right that Democrats are not fielding candidates that are terribly inspiring. In fact, they are already looking for someone who can effectively challenge Hillary Clinton as the early frontrunner. So far, their hopes have been in vain.

While Jones certainly does have a point about a burgeoning "rainbow coalition" of "superstars"—few Republicans would argue that the 2016 field is weaker than four years ago—this is a double-edged sword. Part of the problem with an overcrowded, talented field is that candidates will need to fight harder—and perhaps play dirtier—to appeal to Republican primarygoers. This of course could be a recipe for disaster. Imagine, for instance, Hillary Clinton securing the nomination relatively early on while Republicans make mincemeat of each other for months on end. Will this not damage their brand overall, at least in the eyes of moderate and centrist voters? It will feel like 2012 all over again.

Still, I suppose having too many good candidates in the running is a better problem to have than too few. Right?