Video: Iraqi Anchor Openly Weeps For Persecuted Christians

Posted: Aug 19, 2014 7:30 AM

I could be wrong but I don’t think any journalist ever intends to break down on live television. But the realization that Iraq’s diminishing Christian population was emigrating en masse (or suffering martyrdom for their faith) was obviously too much for Asia TV anchor Nahi Madhi to bear.

The segment below covering persecuted Christians in Iraq aired about a month ago, and is itself raw and moving, I think, because it reminds us that the prevailing sentiment in the country is not one of hatred and exclusion, but tolerance and pluralism (via The Blaze):

Remember, it’s not just those of us in the West who weep for Iraq’s Christian and Yazidi populations; it’s their compatriots as well. As one anchor put it in the video, “The Christians have done nothing wrong. They haven’t hurt a soul. On the contrary, they are peaceful people, who love all sects. They are honorable people, with high moral values.”

And yet they are being displaced and exterminated by ISIS at alarming rates. Such terrible human rights atrocities are difficult to grasp, let alone comprehend. But at least ethnic minorities in the region refuse to submit quietly to ISIS' barbarism: some are even undergoing military training and fighting back.