Latest White House Petition: Rename DCA Airport After Tim Howard

Posted: Jul 02, 2014 12:05 PM
Latest White House Petition: Rename DCA Airport After Tim Howard

Tim Howard is a spectacular goalkeeper and his performance yesterday was unprecedented. He set the record for the most saves in a World Cup game ever -- with 16 -- and his labors alone gave Team USA a last-minute opportunity to tie Belgium before time expired. In the end, though, his singular efforts were not enough to turn the tide of the game or change its outcome: USA lost to Belgium 2 to 1. Howard, for his part, later described the loss as “heartbreaking,” but anyone who watched that game knows that, without him, it wouldn’t have even been close.

In fact, his many fans and followers are so impressed with his stupendous goalkeeping yesterday that they want to rename an airport after him. Politico reports:

A bunch of USA soccer fans thinks Tim Howard deserves his own airport.

On Tuesday evening, they launched an official White House petition to rename Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport after the Team USA goalkeeper, who set a World Cup record by saving 16 shots during Tuesday’s 2-1 loss to Belgium.

“Whereas Tim Howard has shown himself to be a national treasure, Minister of Defense, Friend of [Vice President] Joe Biden, and the holder for the record of most saves in a World Cup match; Therefore, we politely request that we rename the airport to recognize his accomplishments, and meritorious service to the United States of America,” the petition reads.

The “We the People” initiative stipulates that if a White House petition garners more than 100,000 signatures, the administration must issue an “official response,” Politico reports. As of this writing, the pledge has 3,424 signatures and counting.

Howard fans have until July 31, 2014 to reach that 100,000 signature threshold -- or the petition will be ignored. Will they be able to do it? Tick tock.