Elle Magazine Writer Argues Bullied Conservative Women Deserve No Sympathy

Posted: Jun 19, 2017 9:50 AM
Elle Magazine Writer Argues Bullied Conservative Women Deserve No Sympathy

Sady Doyle, the author of Trainwreck and frequent Elle Magazine contributor, does not care for women who identify as conservatives. So what Kellyanne Conway has been the victim of sexism, or Ivanka Trump has been accosted on an airplane while traveling with her children. They deserve it! So she argued in this unfortunate piece published last week.

Megyn Kelly, too, is not safe from Doyle's ire, giving readers a step-by-step guide as to how to criticize the new feminist hero, who claims she was the victim of harassment.

Her dislike for conservative women stretches across the pond, where she said she will cry no tear for Prime Minister Theresa May. Here’s her hot take on why those conservative women at home and abroad deserve no sympathy.

We should not weep for Theresa May or any other conservative woman whose policies contribute to the continued oppression of women and minorities. Even the most moon-eyed believer in feminist sisterhood must realize it's all got to stop somewhere. Any harm done to Kellyanne Conway by calling her "Skeletor" is vastly outweighed by the harm Conway has done, and intends to do, to the American people. And by the way, it's no coincidence that all of these women are white—they've been given leeway to screw up and court public disapproval in ways that a woman of color would never be afforded.

If I may paraphrase, Doyle is arguing that conservative women who have faced hardship were asking for it because their ideology is so intolerant.

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Doyle’s dislike of Ivanka extended to other pieces, like this one on Slate, where she argued the president’s daughter would do nothing to boost women’s issues. She would “distract” from them. In the same piece, Doyle empathizes with Hillary Clinton, who she argues got a bad wrap. Clearly, she deserves our sympathy and sleepless nights.

But if she was a conservative? Dry eyes.