Hillary Suddenly Became Carly Fiorina's Biggest Champion

Posted: Nov 03, 2016 10:00 AM
Hillary Suddenly Became Carly Fiorina's Biggest Champion

Last year on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton laughed along with the crowd when a former Hewlett-Packard employee told her he wanted to reach into his TV screen and "strangle" Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who was once the CEO of HP. Clinton did not chide the man or ask him to take back his comment. She laughed.

At a rally in Arizona on Wednesday night, however, Clinton suddenly came to Fiorina's defense against Republican nominee Donald Trump. Clinton reminded the crowd that during the Republican primary Trump suggested nobody would vote for Fiorina because "look at that face!" The current Democratic nominee said nothing at the time Trump made that comment last September, but now she said that it was uncalled for.

Trump is not above disrespecting women in his own party, Clinton concluded. If he were to win, "it would mean that our girls would grow up with a president who proudly and loudly ranks women by looks." 

After Friday's FBI shock, Clinton is no longer the confident front runner she was last week. So, she has resorted to resurrecting Trump's "war on women." This week she has relied on negativity and screaming into her microphone to shield the FBI investigation. 

As for Fiorina, she could probably care less that Clinton is "sticking up" for her. One of Fiorina's most memorable moments from the campaign was her politely informing Clinton that "flying is not an accomplishment."