Paris Train Hero Attacked as 'Small-minded Bigot' for Wearing Trump T-shirt

Posted: Jul 18, 2016 9:05 AM
Paris Train Hero Attacked as 'Small-minded Bigot' for Wearing Trump T-shirt

Alek Skarlatos was one of three young U.S. soldiers on the right vacation at the right time when a terrorist attempted to launch an attack on a train in Paris, France last summer. Skarlatos, along with friends Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, successfully stopped the gunman and disarmed him from his weapon of choice, an AK 47. The heroics of these young men earned them praise from the people of France and the U.S., medals for bravery at the Pentagon and, in Skarlatos' case, celebrity status, as he competed on "Dancing with the Stars." 

Yet, Skarlatos found out very quickly how people can turn on him. All he had to do was post a picture of himself on Instagram fishing and wearing a "Trump: Make America Great Again" T-shirt.

While some of his followers praised his presidential choice, others attacked him. "Racist" and "uneducated" were among the insults hurled at him. One especially nasty commenter called him a "small-minded bigot." That's not all he called him (but the graphic language is best not placed here.)

How quickly we forget Skarlatos' sacrifice. 

Some commenters applauded the nasty remark, but others stood up for Skarlatos' right to free speech - considering, you know, he is one of a few Americans who actually fought for it. 

I'll let milbymegs have the last word.