Christie in NH: Rubio’s Super PAC ‘Cuts People’s Throats’

Posted: Feb 09, 2016 9:00 AM
Christie in NH: Rubio’s Super PAC ‘Cuts People’s Throats’

In a Manchester, NH diner Tuesday morning, the “Fox and Friends” anchors showed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie a clip of his rival Marco Rubio attacking his record of supposedly donating to Planned Parenthood and pushing gun control. "Of course he doesn't want to talk about his record," Rubio concluded.

“At least I have a record,” the governor responded, before insisting the accusations were untrue.

The only thing Rubio will be remembered for in the Senate, Christie added, will be pushing for amnesty with his “arm around Chuck Schumer.”

The governor has been relentless in his targeting of Rubio ever since last Saturday’s debate. In that 3-hour slugfest, Christie exposed Rubio's tendency to regurgitate the same talking points. Rubio fell right into the trap by repeating himself – multiple times. 

Christie continued his criticism of the Florida senator Tuesday, accusing him of smiling and spouting out his scripted speeches, before his Super PAC goes out and “cuts people’s throats.”

Donald Trump is still well in front in New Hampshire polls, but John Kasich and Jeb Bush appear to have received bumps from last weekend’s strong debate performances.

So, while Trump is more or less guaranteed the top spot, there is a level of uncertainty about who will round out the second through sixth places. The real question is: Was Rubio’s momentum hampered by Christie’s attacks?