Trump Calls Into ‘The View,’ Joy Behar Says He ‘Has a Heart’

Posted: Sep 10, 2015 12:00 PM
Trump Calls Into ‘The View,’ Joy Behar Says He ‘Has a Heart’

Of course, that was before she and Whoopi Goldberg demanded the businessman get "more informed" on women's issues. 

The leading GOP presidential candidate called into Thursday's taping of "The View" and was grilled by the five co-hosts on several issues for five to ten minutes. He addressed, among other topics, his recent controversial comments about Carly Fiorina and his stance on immigration. 

One of the most lively exchanges, however, came near the end of the interrogation. Behar began by offering mild praise for Trump's more liberal policy proposals, such as raising taxes on hedge fund managers and refusing to tear up the Iran Deal, as well as his past as a member of the Democrat Party: "I think you have a heart." However, when Behar asked Trump if he would defund Planned Parenthood, she quickly turned on him. Trump said he's "against abortion" and that the organization focuses entirely too much on the procedure. Behar and Goldberg immediately challenged him on those comments, insisting it was false. Behar insisted abortion was only "three percent" of Planned Parenthood's services and that defunding the organization would leave millions of women without health care services. Goldberg then demanded that Trump needs to get "more informed" on women's issues.

Behar offered additional criticism, saying perhaps he should show women the same amount of attention and concern he shows Syrian refugees.

Statistics prove that Behar is the one who needs to get her facts straight. Both of her defensive claims about Planned Parenthood can be quickly debunked here and here.

If Trump is going to prove to voters he "cherishes women," he should perhaps launch fewer attacks against Fiorina and Megyn Kelly, and more against Planned Parenthood.