Landrieu Calls New Attack Ad 'Sexist' Because it Shows Her Aging

Posted: Nov 19, 2014 12:45 PM

Yes, those unpopular campaign ads are still running in the state of Louisiana, where the last Senate race has yet to be called. One ad in particular from the Ending Spending Action Fund, entitled, "Time to Geaux," which attacks Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and her 18 years-too-long in Washington, goes a bit too far, according to the incumbent. In fact, it's downright 'sexist.' Why? Because it shows pictures of Landrieu aging during her time in office. First, the ad in question:

The Landrieu campaign explained why the senator was highly offended by the 30-second spot:

"It is appalling that Congressman Cassidy and his allies would illustrate the senator's age progression with a leading phrase that Washington has 'changed' her," Levy said. "The ad is as classless as it is sexist, and Congressman Cassidy and his allies should remove [it] from television immediately."

For one thing, the point of showing her age progression was not to criticize her appearance, it was to suggest that she's spent too long in Washington and hasn't accomplished what she promised. She's getting too cozy with her DC life and too distant from her constituents, the ad suggests. Yet, Landrieu's campaign has resorted to cheap attacks on her GOP opponent Bill Cassidy.

By the way, would Cassidy have complained an attack ad was sexist because it displayed pictures of him from two decades ago? I think not.

Landrieu is hanging by a thread in this race after Democrats failed to stand by her and pass the Keystone XL pipeline, which the senator believes could have helped her gain more votes in the Louisiana runoff. Unfortunately for her, she isn't going to make up those votes by calling her opponent sexist. She just comes across as desperately trying to resurrect the "war on women" in a race she has all but lost. 

Two weeks to go until we have a winner in the Pelican State. Stay tuned for coverage from Louisiana as I head down there to cover the last legs of this extended election.