Western New Yorkers Get in Line for Free Tics to See Obama...Then Sell Them

Posted: Aug 21, 2013 11:30 AM
Western New Yorkers Get in Line for Free Tics to See Obama...Then Sell Them

After hearing President Obama would be speaking at the University at Buffalo this Thursday, Western New Yorkers, some of whom camped out overnight, made sure to secure their free tickets. But, just hours later, those tickets made their way on Craigslist as people started selling them for a profit.

From The Buffalo News:

Internet sites are heating up like the streets around First Niagara Center just before a big hockey game or concert.

The biggest ticket in town this week is President Obama at the University at Buffalo.

Hawkers – many camping out overnight or waiting in what some called “a mile-long line” Tuesday afternoon to pick up free passes for the president’s visit and speech Thursday at UB’s Alumni Arena on the North Campus in Amherst – were seeking between $75 to $500 each on Craigslist late Tuesday.

Here is a list on Craigslist of the coveted tickets. This person is even selling one for $700.

Some of these ‘hawkers’ had extra tickets to spare, but instead of deeming the prized possessions worthy to give to family and friends, they turned them into dollar bills.

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Derek Hunter

Can anyone blame these upstate New Yorkers for considering some extra cash more important than listening to another speech from a president who has left us with 'unprecedented' unemployment and increasingly unpopular laws such as his small business-killing health care bill?

Perhaps an ideal use of these ticket profits would be to indulge in some of our famous Buffalo wings. That's something even our president can appreciate: