No, Trump Did Not Re-Write The Bill of Rights

Posted: Jan 31, 2017 2:00 PM
No, Trump Did Not Re-Write The Bill of Rights

Earlier today, Twitter was aghast at how Donald Trump's administration had seemingly re-written the Bill of Rights to exclude non-citizens. In a since-deleted tweet by law student Nathan Yaffe that was retweeted over 500 times, screenshots showed how the word "people" was replaced by "citizens." This was "not a drill."

Small issue: this was how things were during the Obama era as well. The Atlantic's David Graham tweeted screenshots showing how this was not new policy. The Obama White House had the same language.

The original tweet was eventually deleted and an apology was given.

I realize that in today's day and age people are very upset and very scared, but holy Hannah, please take a second to Google things before tweeting that the administration is preparing to strip rights from people. This kind of hysteria doesn't do anybody any good.