ISIS Orders Babies With Down Syndrome to be Killed

Posted: Dec 14, 2015 3:50 PM
ISIS Orders Babies With Down Syndrome to be Killed

ISIS has reportedly ordered that all babies born with Down Syndrome to be suffocated, according to Mosul Eye. Mosul Eye is claiming that nearly 40 babies born in the area occupied by ISIS have been killed as a result of this policy.

According to Mosul Eye, the Shar’i board of IS issued an “oral fatwa” to its members authorising them to “kill newborn babies with Down syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children”.

The fatwa, issued by a Saudi judge named as Abu Said Aljazrawi, has already been carried on a baby as young as one week old. Most of these children born with Down syndrome have been the children of foreign fighters.

All were killed by lethal injection or suffocation with some taking place in Syria and Mosul.

“This displaced child from Mosul, ISIL issues a Fatwa to kill him,” the post reads, referring to the video. “As if it is not enough for ISIL to kill men, women and the elderly, and now, they kill children.”

So there you have it. As if beheading Christians, dropping gays off of buildings, and drowning people in cages weren't bad enough, ISIS is now (reportedly) killing disabled children--the most innocent members of any society. How could anyone want to join up with such a ghastly group?