Check Out Ben Carson's New Rap Ad

Christine Rousselle
Posted: Nov 05, 2015 11:20 AM
Check Out Ben Carson's New Rap Ad

Ben Carson's campaign has released a new radio ad aimed at young, African-American voters. It involves snippets of Carson's speeches set over a hip-hop beat and rap by artist Aspiring Mogul, urging listeners to vote for Carson in 2016.

"America became a great nation early on not because it was flooded with politicians but because it was flooded with people who understood the value of personal responsibility, hard work, innovation and that’s what will get us on the right track now,” Carson says between Mogul’s rap.

“I’m very hopeful that I'm not the only one that’s willing to pick up the baton to freedom,” Carson continues. "Because freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. Every one of us must fight for us because we are fighting for our children and the next generation."

This is certainly an innovative tactic for a Republican presidential candidate, and it will be interesting to see how it works. Carson currently has the highest favorability ratings of any Republican candidate, but he's still relatively unknown among African-American adults. Granted, there's still a lot of time left before the election, but ads like this are likely going to at least make people aware that Carson exists.