"Emily's Abortion Video": Woman Films Own Abortion and Puts It On YouTube

Posted: May 06, 2014 12:30 PM

Emily Letts is an abortion counselor from New Jersey who found herself pregnant. Not feeling prepared to have a child, she decided to have a first-trimester surgical abortion. And film it. And put it on YouTube.

(SFW, video is non-graphic)

"I just want to share my story—To show women that there is such thing as a positive abortion story."

Letts later elaborated in the video that she does not regret her decision and that she is in fact in awe of her body's ability to create a life. In a piece published in Cosmopolitan, Letts explains that she chose the non-sedated surgical option for her abortion over an RU-486 chemical abortion specifically to film the procedure and put it online. She received an IUD following her abortion to avoid any subsequent unplanned pregnancies.

At the time of writing, the video has 53,993 views, with 287 likes and 2,089 dislikes.