Uber Executives are in Trouble

Posted: Jun 30, 2015 4:30 PM
Uber Executives are in Trouble

Uber, a popular and booming form of transportation in the more recent years now face some serious trouble as the Uber France and company executives will go on trial in September on charges related to misleading business practices, complicit in operating an illegal taxi service, and illegal treatment of personal date.

Because of this, Uber France General Manager Thibaud Simphal and Uber's regional general manager for Western Europe, Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, were taken into custody and may be held for up to a day for questioning.

Uberpop, a sector of Uber that offers a low-cost service is the result of an accumulation of trouble.

"Uberpop matches passengers with drivers who don’t have professional licenses. The new law makes operating such a system punishable with a fine of as much as €300,000 ($332,000) and two years in prison."

In October of 2014, a law was passed that put a ban on connecting clients with unregistered drivers found through Uberpop. However, Uber continued to run Uberpop drivers.

In addition to such trouble is the scrutiny behind taxi drivers leading to protests last week across France where cars were damaged and Uber drivers were threatened. Taxi drivers have long generated anger on behalf of Uber because of their alleged hiring of ineligible passengers arguing that the licenses to get a taxi are extremely expensive, and "[UberPop drivers] do not have to pay any of that. And living here is getting more expensive for everybody — we can't breathe."

Uber has helped many young and technologically savvy people get to where they need to go quickly. Could this be the next negative turn for Uber and its clients?