The Faces Of Those Responsible For The Return Of Racism

Posted: Aug 15, 2017 2:40 PM
The Faces Of Those Responsible For The Return Of Racism

Like many other Americans, I watched events unfold in Charlottesville, Virginia, thanks to the marvel of social media. All day long, videos were posted showing everything from swastika-waving neo-Nazis to black-masked Antifa, including a few clashes between the two groups.

I’ll admit it, I didn’t pay a great deal of attention to this “Unite the Right” rally prior to Saturday.

Yes, the usual suspects were screaming about how it was nothing but a bunch of racists; but come on, how is that particularly new at this point?

And that is the problem.

For some time, the left has focused on claiming everyone and everything is racist. They scream about “white privilege” and decrying all white people as racist simply because of their skin color. They then top of their own racist rhetoric with claims that it’s impossible for blacks to be racist.

Their logic is simple. They simply believe that racism is prejudice plus power. Since they claim they’ve never had any power, how can they be racist?

Yet there’s a problem with that logic. For example, my home town of Albany, Georgia, is over 70 percent African-American according to the United States Census Bureau. Most of the local elected officials are also African-American, as are the police chief and numerous other appointed officials.

In short, I have a minimum of power in my own home town.

Since it’s been said that all politics are local, I should be incapable of being racist to some degree, right?

Shouldn’t black people in my community be capable of racism then, at the very least?

Make no mistake, every time I’ve asked this question, I’ve been told no. Racism is apparently something African Americans are simply immune to.

For years, many whites have heard this, whites who have been raised in a county that explicitly condemned racism as inherently wrong. They heard it and saw a double standard.

Today, decrying the racists at Charlottesville is a bit of a national pastime. I’ll admit, I’ve done so, as well. That kind of thinking, the idea that any race is more American or more superior than any other, has no place not being decried in this country.

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However, while many leftists are decrying it as well, they’re completely ignoring their own role in its return.

Worse, however, they top it off with comments like this one shared by former feminist YouTuber Laci Green.

If white folks decry white supremacy, there’s a problem. If we don’t, there’s a problem.

How long before people throw up their hands and give up? How long before some of those take it even further, internalizing ideas about how they’re hated for nothing they, personally, have done and become primed for racist indoctrination?

What happened in Charlottesville was a shame; but if the left really wants to look into the face of the people who enabled its rise, they need not travel far. Just look in the bathroom mirror, and they’ll see that face.