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The Sleaze In Hollywood Is the LEAST Shocking Thing Ever. Here's Why.

Alex, let's go with the category, "Things that I Already Knew" for $1,000.

If news headlines about Hollywood were an episode of Jeopardy, the categories might be:


Actresses Harvey Weinstein Didn't Try to Sleep With

Pedophiles and Perverts

Drug addicts and Dope Dealers

Sex On Screen

Who Said What Curse Words?

Who's Your Daddy

Name That Addict

Crimes That Didn't Get Time

The Epicenter of Filth and Perversion

Anyone who doesn't know that Hollywood has been the epicenter of filth, perversion, sex, drugs, and other reprehensible behavior has been living in a cave in Afghanistan. Scratch that. The Taliban gave that as one of their reasons for attacking us. So even cave dwellers in Afghanistan aren't immune to the disease Hollywood has spread. 

Can you blame them for their opinion? If my only exposure to the United States came from what spews from Hollywood, I would hate us, too. Unlike the Taliban, I don't find it necessary to kill everyone living where the problem emanates. The situation reminds me of an old Star Trek episode where an alien culture completely mimics a book they read about gangsters from the 1920's. Unlike the aliens in Star Trek, the Taliban wishes to eradicate the outside influence in barbaric ways. As Americans, I hope we can be like Captain Kirk and show that there is a better way than to model ourselves after such a corrupt influence. There are some of us here who hate Hollywood, too, but believe there are better ways to shut them down than by declaring Jihad on their home country.

Rotten To the Core

The feigned shock that Harvey Weinstein allegedly had his way with multiple starlets is laughable. Charlie Sheen's alleged pedophilia should come as no more of a shock than that water is wet and fire is hot. 


"By their fruits ye shall know them." The fruit of Hollywood is rotten to the core. 

Can anyone name a hit TV series currently running where there isn't swearing, sexual innuendo, a gay character, sex out of wedlock, or any other number of situations that wouldn't have been acceptable thirty years ago? The only one I can think of is "The Curse of Oak Island," but I don't know how big of a hit it is. "Duck Dynasty" also came to mind, but it's now in reruns. There are some home improvement shows and some reality TV shows that are close, but even many of those contain too many bleeps. 

Here are some other shortlists, rarely seen among the Hollywood elite: 

1. Happily married Hollywood couples who are still married and have only been married once

2. Major studio film or television shows that weren't offensive to people of faith

3. Hollywood men under 50 who served in the military

4. Actors and actresses who are outspoken conservatives

5. Sitcoms where men aren't portrayed as effeminate, slobs, predatory, or stupid

6. Films or television shows where chastity and virtue are promoted

7. Films or television programming where Jews and Christians aren't stereotyped as odd or are lampooned

The Landfill That Is Hollywood

For decades, Hollywood has spurned traditional values, mocked Judeo/Christian ethics, embraced statist views, promoted and produced sexual perversion, pushed the envelope to new extremes on filth and debauchery...and all of a sudden everyone is shocked that it is ostensibly full of perverts and pedophiles? 


Like the NFL, I haven't watched a Hollywood awards show for years. I don't care about whose dress somebody wore on the red carpet. I don't care about what some smug actress has to say about politics or what the host blathers on about. These people live in a bubble that needs to be popped. Unfortunately, too many people give them their money, and Hollywood continues to fester like a bad infection. They hit new lows which were unthinkable even a dozen years ago. 

In a previous piece, I state that the NFL is just another dirty diaper in the landfill that has become the entertainment industry. That landfill is in Hollywood. It's full. The dirty diapers are being exported to televisions and movie screens near you to be consumed by the primary audience of Hollywood trash, our children. 

Think about this: Miley Cyrus moved to Hollywood when she was 13 and worked for Disney. If they did that to her then, imagine what they have in store for your kids.

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