The Left & Fake Hate Crimes: Liberalism Hits a New Low

Posted: Feb 21, 2017 2:10 PM
The Left & Fake Hate Crimes: Liberalism Hits a New Low

"Flat out, it did not happen," said Ann Arbor's Detective Lt. Matthew Lige.

After investigating several hate crime reports in Michigan over the past few months, it was discovered that two recent incidents were 100% fabricated. In one hoax, a woman said she was slashed with a safety pin which, she claimed, "...may have been related to a safety pin she was wearing."  

She claimed that a white man slashed her face, because of the safety pin she was wearing (a popular symbol of anti-Trump bigotry on the Left). This was meant to make Trumps supporters look bad, but it backfired. 

She made it up. 

It never happened, just like the African American parishioner who burned down his own church and spray painted "Vote Trump" on the side of the building. Totally fake. But it had it's desired effect - the demonization of Trump and his supporters:

This, my friends, is a tactic of the new Left. 

They're so far left, that they make Bill Clinton look like a conservative and Charlie Sheen look sane. The new Left (a.k.a. the Regressives) - which was brought to us, in part, by Barack Obama and his gang - is so delusional that when the made-up narrative they spout turns out to be untrue, they just...make stuff up. 

In 2016, we saw fake left-wing hate crime hoaxes start to bubble up all over America from the primordial soup of progressivism. Remember the guy who bought a cake from Whole Foods, wrote a gay slur on it, blamed the baker, and tried to sue Whole Foods over it



This man confessed to making it up, dropped his suit, and disappeared. He’s a socially acceptable form of mentally ill, and so are the rest of those on the Left committing fake hate crimes. It is an effort to muster up anti-Trump sentiment and prove to the world that the stories they're shouting in the streets are, in fact, true; but they’re getting found out as frauds.

Why Lefties Love Fake Hate Crimes 

Since Donald Trump won the Presidency, we’ve seen a ridiculous number of fake hate crime hoaxes from the Left. Besides being illegal and um...hateful, it’s a sign of widespread left-wing derangement. They’re so desperate to make their made-up safe space dream world a reality, that when they encounter the world as it really is, they freak out. 

They burn down cities, call people nazis, lose elections all over the world, and accuse every white man and woman of being racist; but the thing is - it’s just not true. It’s not even slightly true. Nobody believes that except...them. 

This is why CNN’s ratings are plummeting. They’re even getting beat by Nickelodeon. Nobody watches them anymore. People are unplugging from the Matrix in record numbers. In 2016, the mainstream media proved once and for all that they’re insignificant (at best). 

And when you mainstream lunacy, two things happen: 

1. Normal people distance themselves from you.
2. Lunatics manufacture lunacy in a desperate attempt to show the world that they’re still relevant. 

But in the age of smartphones and the internet, we can identify phonies easily. On February 11th, two men said they were attacked by “neo-nazis” with brass knuckles, because of a sticker on their phone. But, as it turns out, this is fake. Here’s the link to the fake story

After the story came out, the internet did their homework and found out that it was made up. No nazis. No weapons. All made up. 

The two brothers made up a hate crime, got called out on it all over the internet, and they ran and hid (as cowards do):

Now, I could make a gigantic list of fake hate crimes carried out by the Left designed to make Trump supporters and conservatives look bad, but there’s only so much room on the screen. The weird part, though, is that the people committing them are both predator and prey. Muslims making up fake Muslim hate crimes. Gay people making up fake gay hate crimes.

It’s happening because they simply can’t cope with reality. Their dream world ended on November 8th, and they can’t bounce back. They're what social workers call “coping-impaired.”

Self-Deception is the Worst Strain of Sin

They've deceived themselves. Their narrative is phony. The jig is up. The news is out: liberalism offers us a world that doesn’t actually exist.

They'd rather concoct a fantasy world than live in the real one. So, instead of coming to terms with reality, what do they do? They try to CREATE the world they say they HATE, to show the world and themselves that the story they've been telling about neo-nazis and evil, suppressive people is actually true.'s not. 

NOTE: This post was updated to include a new video on the incident in New York.


Author Bio: Brian Lenney is a copywriter who helps startups create conversion-friendly marketing campaigns. He has a B.A. in Political Science, an M.A. in Philosophy of Religion & a penchant for debunking humanity.