WATCH: Gun Control Advocates Hold 'Die-In' Event On Capitol Hill

Posted: Jun 12, 2018 4:45 PM
WATCH: Gun Control Advocates Hold 'Die-In' Event On Capitol Hill

In honor of the second anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, gun control advocates descended upon Washington, D.C. to demand action from their legislators. The "die-in," as it's being called, was something that took place across the nation.

The National Die-In Day was commemorated by students who decided to lay down in front of the Capitol:

They then targeted individual legislators who receive campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association. First one the list: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Before heading to Sen. Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) office, March for Our Lives supporters left the following notes with Cruz's office staff:

McConnell was next on the list:

IJR's Julio Rosas asked one of the March For Our Lives leaders if the group would hold a similar event at the Broward County Sheriff's Office. It's a legitimate question considering how much blame can be placed on the Sheriff's office. 

“If they're willing to allow that system to perpetuate, they aren't doing what's morally just,” Dietsch told Rosas. “They're not making a system that benefits the most people or keeps us safe or keeps the vulnerable groups safe.”

The Hypocrisy Is Strong

The most ironic part of the entire die-in? These gun control advocates were being protected by... (wait for it)...armed security guards and police officers.

It's rather infuriating that a herd of kids are working to take away law-abiding gun owners rights while they themselves are utilizing that very right, known as the Second Amendment. It's hard for gun rights advocates to take these protests seriously when gun control advocates are having armed security guards protect them. If guns are so bad then why are you using them to protect yourselves?

Our Founding Fathers were worried about a tyrannical government and they instituted the Second Amendment as a protection. The idea was that the average citizen could take a stand against a government that became too powerful. These kids are wanting to remove that protection but keep it when it fits their best interest. What these kids are teaching future generations is that their lives are more important than the lives of the average citizen.

Something to remember: guns are bad if you and I have them. They're considered a tool of necessity if it protects someone who hates firearms though.