Recent College Graduate's Pro-Gun Graduation Pictures Triggers Anti-Gunners

Posted: May 17, 2018 10:45 AM
Recent College Graduate's Pro-Gun Graduation Pictures Triggers Anti-Gunners

Recent Kent State University graduate Kaitlin Bennett's graduation pictures have gone viral after she posed with her AR-10 and a graduation cap that said "come and take."

Reaction to Bennett's pictures have been mixed.

There were the typical anti-gun remarks and questions about why anyone would need an AR-10.

Then came the white privilege remarks.

And you can't forget the mansplainers.

There were, however, gun rights advocates who stood up for Bennett.

Bennett shared a screencap of direct messages she received on Twitter from someone who wanted to cause her physical harm.

Although Bennett has received a number of trolls on Twitter and death threats, she says she's standing by her actions:

Bennett believes her post going viral is a good thing.

"I'm glad that my photos are making headlines, because my intent was to start a discussion about gun rights on college campuses," Bennett told USA TODAY. "At Kent State in particular, guests may protect themselves with firearms, but students cannot, and I find that insulting."

During an interview with WKYC-TV in Cleveland, Bennett explained why it's important for posts like hers to go viral.

"You don't see a lot of things going viral about students who are pro-Second Amendment and pro-gun rights that don't believe in gun control," Bennett told WKYC. "Just them seeing that there's someone out there who is young, who loves the Second Amendment and loves gun rights, that gives someone else hope."