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CNN's Jake Tapper and Dana Bash on Tuesday moderated a townhall on taxes. Republican Sens. Ted Cruz (TX) and Tim Scott (SC) debated Maria Cantwell (WA) and Bernie Sanders (VT). 


Sen. Cruz was asked, "What do you say to employees if wages don't increase but investors and executives benefit?" 

His response was beyond epic.

Democrats have one talking point on taxes: 'It's a tax cut on the rich.' And they say it over and over and over and over again in response to everything. 

The most important thing for you to know when you're at home is when they say rich, they mean taxpayer. Every time they say 'rich' they mean taxpayers. Why is it?

When Bernie ran for president, he rolled out a tax plan. His tax plan was a massive tax increase. If you took every single person in America making over a million dollars, and you taxed them 100 percent of their income, you took every penny they earned — you came in in jackboots and confiscate it — it would pay eight percent of the cost of Bernie's tax plan. You know where they get their money? They get it from you. They get it from the middle class.


But the best part? Cruz explained exactly how the tax increases will go down.

If we can explain to people, yeah, you're going to be paying more in taxes. He said it was going to be a progressive tax, the wealthy are going to pay their fair share — not the middle class — not the working class, but everybody will pay some more. So you're a small business owner, he says you're going to pay some more.

And the reason is there are not millionaires and billionaires to pay for all the socialism Bernie and the Democrats want.

Bernie really is feelin' the burn on that one.

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