Lol: 'Full House' References Galore as 'SNL' Mocks Lori Loughlin

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 3:15 PM
Lol: 'Full House' References Galore as 'SNL' Mocks Lori Loughlin

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"Saturday Night Live's" take on the college admissions scandal was a treat. In this weekend's episode, Kate McKinnon was given the role of Lori Loughlin, so you kind of already knew it was going to be a great skit. The cold open begins in a jail cell, where three scary-looking men are discussing what indiscretions got them in the slammer, ranging from assault, to murder, to dismemberment.

But, their crimes were apparently nothing compared to those of the next inmate. In walks a bespectacled, brunette woman, who reveals that she paid $500,000 to get her daughters into the University of Southern California. The audience roared, quickly realizing it was the disgraced "Full House" actress.

The men in the cell come to find that Loughlin is no ordinary prisoner. She has already corrupted the prison guards and is basically running the show. Cue the "Full House" references.

"You forgot your kufi," a guard noticed, revealing she'd converted to the Nation of Islam. "Oh I did?" Loughlin responds. "To quote Stephanie Tanner, 'How rude!'"

"I'm gonna take your heart, and I'm gonna, 'Cut. It. Out.,'" she later told the other inmates, referencing Uncle Joey's famous catchphrase.

Loughlin is soon upstaged, however, by two other, more sinister prisoners.

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In addition to being arrested, in light of the college cheating accusations, Loughlin lost her jobs at Netflix and Hallmark channel. She and husband, J. Mossimo Giannulli, got in even deeper trouble last week when they were indicted on additional charges of fraud conspiracy and money laundering conspiracy. If convicted, that "SNL" skit will soon become reality. 

Felicity Huffman, another actress exposed in the college admissions cheating scandal who recently pleaded guilty and apologized, was spared a punchline on Saturday.