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A co-worker of mine here in California told me about a friend of his, Dave, who never got the COVID shot but, in late December 2021, got COVID. In his early 50s, remarkably fit, with no comorbidities, and with Christmas just a couple of days away, he figured he could ride out the virus at home.


But he only got worse, ending up with symptoms so severe that his wife, fearful for his health, insisted that he go to the hospital after Christmas. With his lungs failing, Dave was put on a ventilator. But once the machine took over his lung function, his lungs atrophied to a point where, without a major medical intervention, he was in big trouble.   

Doctors recommended extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), a procedure that temporarily removes the blood from the body, oxygenates it, removes the carbon dioxide, then pumps the blood back through the body.  

But there was one caveat. To get the procedure, both he and his wife would have to get COVID shots – no exceptions. With what the couple was learning about vaccine injuries and the low efficacy of shots and boosters, they felt the risks far outweighed the benefits. Besides, he already had COVID. Natural immunity. Right?   

The hospital didn’t budge. No shot, no procedure. With his life in their hands, this quickly morphed into a nightmare. But the couple didn’t budge, either. At first.  

With time running out, they searched for the rare hospital that had an expensive ECMO machine that would perform the procedure without forcing them to get the shot. No luck. The best they could find was one that only required him, not her, to get it.  

So after months of avoiding it, Dave reluctantly, grudgingly, frustratingly agreed to get the shot. That’s when the nightmare plunged into medical hell. 

As his wife described, “his skin boiled off of his body.” Dave had to be mummied in gauze like a burn victim. Aside from now being disfigured for life, his pain was unbearably excruciating – like the feeling of being lit on fire and burning alive.  


Admitting that the shot caused the reaction, doctors asked Dave’s wife to consent to the second shot – to be “fully vaccinated” – so they could get to the procedure that could save his life. Understandably, that moment struck her with lightning bolts of life-altering emotional torture. To save his life, she picked what she felt was the best of horrible choices and consented.

But over time, it really wouldn’t matter. The ECMO machine didn’t work. Dave now needed a lung transplant. After being transferred an hour or so to the Los Angeles county health system – the belly of the beast of medieval-like COVID protocols – Dave, mostly alone, quickly lost the will to live.  

His wife got the dreaded call around 2 a.m. on May 28 – five months nearly to the day after he entered the first of three hospitals. Dave was dying.

After the call, she made the surreal trip to Los Angeles, fought for nearly an hour to get through a labyrinth of prison-like COVID procedures, and finally made it to her husband’s bedside, where he was screaming in pain.  

“Can’t you do something for him?!” she asked.         

“No,” said a robotic nurse. “We’re not allowed to medically assist patients at this point.” 

That’s how Dave left the world in 2022 – screaming in pain inside a bleak LA County hospital, completely muted to the world, with his traumatized wife watching, consoling, and struggling with the turmoil of a tortuous goodbye.

My co-worker’s wife, a childhood friend of Dave’s wife who helped relay this story to me, ended the saga with a sobering observation.


“The people who let this happen to my friend’s husband,” she said, “are the same ones who talk endlessly about compassion, and who ride around with ‘Be Kind’ bumper stickers on their cars.”

But it’s much worse than that. 

Screams from highly credentialed doctors, desperate to save lives, were also effectively muted to the world. They’ve been shouting, for years now, that COVID hospitalizations and deaths could’ve been drastically reduced with early treatment using cheap, safe, but highly effective repurposed drugs.

In December 2020, a full year before Dave got COVID, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson held a Senate hearing on early treatment of COVID using repurposed drugs where intensive care specialist Dr. Pierre Kory delivered impassioned testimony on the “miraculous impact” of Ivermectin as a foundation to protocols in early COVID treatment.

Here’s an extended excerpt from Kory’s testimony that I believe, if authorities had heeded, could’ve saved countless lives who, like Dave, were told to do nothing “until their lips turned blue” before being rushed to a hospital:

“We have a solution to this crisis … In early outpatient treatment, we have three randomized controlled trials, multiple observations, as well as case series showing that, if you take Ivermectin, the need for hospitalization and death will decrease. … It is critical in this disease.  

“We have a hundred thousand patients in the hospital right now dying. I’m a lung specialist. I’m an ICU specialist. I’ve cared for more dying COVID patients than anyone can imagine. They’re dying because they can’t breathe! They can’t breathe!  


“They’re on high-flow oxygen delivery devices, they’re on non-evasive ventilators, and/or they’re sedated, paralyzed, and attached to mechanical ventilators that breathe for them. And I watched them every day. They die. By the time they get to me in the ICU, they’re already dying and almost impossible to recover. Early treatment is key.  

“… We are tired. I can’t keep doing this. … If I have to go back to work next week, any further deaths are going to be needless deaths, and I cannot be traumatized by that. I cannot keep caring for patients when I know they could’ve been saved with earlier treatment.

What normal human being with basic common sense would’ve ignored this doctor’s advice? Yet YouTube censored that hearing. And strangely, Kory and some of the world’s most highly published physicians have been maligned as “conspiracy theorists” and spreaders of mis- and disinformation for simply refusing to unsee what they witnessed on the front lines of the pandemic.

“Something very dark was happening,” wrote mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone in his book Lies My Government Told Me after his wife, Jill’s, self-published COVID guide was censored on Amazon in February 2020.  

“Little did we realize that this was just a very early example of what was to become a large movement over the next two years – a global movement involving collusion between government, corporatized legacy media, social media, big technology, big finance, and nongovernmental organizations – to completely control and shape all information and thought concerning the public health response to the novel coronavirus.”


Saving lives had, in effect, become a crime.

With all we now know about the catastrophic COVID response, the low efficacy of shots and boosters, and the horrific treatment of the vaccine-injured (like those featured in Jennifer Sharp’s must-see film Anecdotals), Americans still can’t get unencumbered access to cheap, safe, and effective repurposed drugs to treat COVID early. Drugs which, if you believe Dr. Kory (and I do), could’ve saved countless patients, like Dave, from “needless death.”  

 “Something very dark is happening,” as Dr. Malone put it.

Leaders need to get to the bottom of this whole COVID mess, hold people accountable, and bring justice to the very real flesh-and-blood people who’ve suffered and died horrific deaths.

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