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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Outside of Joe Biden and Barack Obama, no two politicians have done more to pack rot into America’s load-bearing institutions than Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi – king and queen of the country’s law-making branch.  


With over 80 years of political life between them, Chuck and Nancy are royals at the head of an infestation of political termites under the crawl spaces of government that never stop chomping away at the foundation of the American house.  

As leaders of their respective houses, no two people are more suited to curb the crazies in their party who want to shove transgenderism, race, abortion, climate change, and big government down the throats of those who beg to differ. Yet, they’re addicted to doing the exact opposite.

No matter how divided the country; no matter how many Americans are threatened or killed by their lawless policies, protests and political violence, Pelosi and Schumer either ignores it out of existence, or rushes to the head of the mob with bullhorns.

“I want to tell you, Gorsuch!  I want to tell you, Kavanaugh!  You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price!” Schumer shouted at an event hosted by the Center for Reproductive Rights outside the U.S. Supreme Court, March 2020, while an abortion case was being heard. “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.” 

Schumer’s overt threats came a little over a year after Kavanaugh’s shameful confirmation hearings where protesters hit justices with tomatoes and water bottles; blocked hallways to obstruct Kavanaugh’s meetings with senators; where a mob stampeded a police barricade to beat on the majestic doors of the Supreme Court; and where protesters inside the hearings endlessly interrupted the proceedings.  


On Schumer’s whirlwind screeches, Chief Justice Roberts in a rare same-day rebuke said, “threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government, are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous.”  

Schumer’s spokesman, Justin Goodman, attacked Roberts, accusing him of “following the right wing’s misinterpretation” and not “calling balls and strikes.”

Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe tweeted that Schumer’s remarks were “inexcusable.”  New York City Bar President Roger Juan Maldonado said the comments crossed the line into intimidation and compromised the independence “and even the personal safety of our judges.” 

In a non-apology, the Harvard-educated Schumer responded: “Of course, I did not intend to suggest anything other than political and public opinion consequences for the Supreme Court and it is a gross distortion to imply otherwise.” 

When Mitch McConnell said at the time that, “There is nothing to call this but a threat,” Schumer responded, “they (his words) didn’t come out the way I intended to.  … I’m from Brooklyn.  We speak in strong language.”

The National Legal Policy Center filed complaints against Schumer to the New York bar and with the Senate Ethics Committee.   The Departmental Disciplinary Committee of New York Supreme Court responded that “no action is warranted at this time,” saying they were cautious about disciplining attorneys or public officials for comments that may be protected speech.  


Bottom line:  No consequences.  No real accountability.  There never is with these people.

So it’s no surprise that Schumer, and particularly Pelosi, tacitly use the violence and lawlessness of crazy left-wing mobs as political weapons.  

When reporters recently asked Pelosi about legislation to protect justices after illegal protests at their homes, and after a nut was arrested for wanting to kill Kavanaugh, she snapped nonchalantly: “And he’s (Kavanaugh) protected.  He’s protected.  The justices are protected.”

When she was asked, last week, about the rash of pro-abortionists attacks on churches and pregnancy crisis centers, Pelosi never condemned the crimes.

“Well let me just say this: a woman has a right to choose, to live up to her responsibility, it’s up to her doctor, her family, her husband, her significant other, and her God. … I’m a very Catholic person and I believe in every woman’s right to make her own decisions.”

In other words, “We’re right, you’re wrong – there is no other reasonable view on abortion – and if you try to change the law, we’ll sic the mob on you.”

This is the same woman, drenched in Trump hatred, who ripped her copy of one of the most moving State of the Union speeches in modern history.  Why?

“I tore up a manifesto of mistruths,” she snorted. “It was necessary to get the attention of the American people to say, ‘This is not true. And I don’t need any lessons from anyone, especially the President of the United States, about dignity. … It was such a dirty speech.”


Pelosi, crammed inside a hardened nest of bitter hatred for Trump, was driven to help push the Russian collusion hoax, to push for impeachment twice in a span of 13 months – one after Trump left office – and to stupidly twist and contort the facts of the Jan. 6 riots to make them out to be an “insurrection” that Trump plotted and planned.  

The same woman who was primarily responsible for security that day, is so addicted to her Neanderthal loathing for Trump, that she is oblivious to the severe damage that she and her party are doing to the country.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza has written that Pelosi is “… the single most powerful female member of Congress in American history,” and that she is an “unapologetic and unflinching political genius.” 

Steve Bannon called her a “Total assassin. She’s an assassin.”

“I disagree with her ideologically,” Bannon once told CBS News, “but I think Nancy Pelosi is a master at political warfare.  I think, strategically, what she has one from their perspective is actually quite brilliant.”

Well, to me, she’s a termite queen whose nuptials with Chuck Schumer have reproduced an infestation of political termites – not only in government but in businesses, leftist groups, schools, media, and Big Tech – that are eating away at the foundation of the country.  

With out-of-control inflation, a spirit of lawlessness, food and supply shortages, out-of-control crime, deliberate illegal immigration, and political psychopaths determined to institutionalize slow-boil tyranny, average Americans can’t help but hear the creaks on the other side of beautifully painted walls.  


And what do politicians do to fix the creaks? More paint. Gobs.  

It’s why half the country voted for Trump in 2016.  As a builder, he clearly saw that career politicians like Pelosi and Schumer only paint over America’s deep problems while they let the institutions that created the magic of America rot from within.  

And it’s why, if drastic measures aren’t taken to stop the country from collapsing, they’ll vote for him again in 2024, no matter how much he’s hated.  Voting for Trump was never about Trump; it’s about getting real solutions to deal with the termites.

“Exterminating” the king and queen would be a good start.

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