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With Biden, Nothing Is Working. Or Is It?

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In my first few minutes at a Marine Corps senior leadership course in the early ‘90s, a “squared-away” instructor walked in the room, unveiled a flip chart, and started asking questions to a class of about 40 of us.  


Gunnery Sergeant Donley was a thick-browed, “old-Corps” Marine who had a short fuse for Marines who had gotten too soft in peace time.  His mission was to shock them back to their warrior roots.  

He had drawn up a life-or-death combat situation on the flip chart.  

“Your squad is patrolling in an open field – here,” the gunny said, pointing to the chart. “You start to get machine gun fire. Marines are hit. The enemy is dug in on a small hill from your port side about one click away – here – and they proceed to rain heavy gunfire down on your position.”

After describing the type, quantity, and capabilities of the weapons held by the Marine squad, he pointed to a Marine cook and asked, “What would you do?”

Listening to the answer, Donley was obsessed with one thing: Will it work?  

“Will it work?” is the gyroscope that guides the decision on “what to do.”  Since “what to do” changes with the fluidity of battle, leaders constantly analyze the situation to make sure they’re not clinging to plans that were tailored for situations that no longer exist.  

In Donley’s case, he called on several Marines and asked each to come up with different solutions to the same problem – to think creatively.  Plans either worked, or they didn’t.  What we learned was simple:  If it works, do it.  If it doesn’t, don’t.  If you know it doesn’t work, and you do it anyway, it not only aids the enemy, but it’s insanely irresponsible.


The Biden administration fits snuggly into the last category – the crazy one.   

Border enforcement is not working.  The COVID response is not working. The plan for the Afghan pullout didn’t work.  Law enforcement is not working.  The rule of law is optional.  The oath to protect the U.S. Constitution is optional.  The justice system is arbitrary.  The election system is broken.  “Checks and balances” no longer works.  Imaginary racial oppression has pushed race relations into political quicksand. The military is not working.  Capitalism is not working.  The climate response will never work because even if bajillions are spent implementing green plans, the impact to the climate would be unnoticeable.  And the sacred bonds of our historic friendships, created in the blood of war, have snapped.  

Situation report: Biden’s plans are not working.

Or are they?

The increasingly delusional American president is a hollow, inept, “useful idiot” whose only remaining skill is to look the world in the eye and tell spectacular lies without blinking.  Arrogant ineptitude makes Biden the perfect puppet for string-pullers who program him with algorithms that create the disasters we’re seeing.  Put the disasters in the context of a major home rebuild.  Before rebuilding, you must first demolish the old structure.  It looks like a war zone.

In the cool, calm, calloused minds of Biden’s architects, we’re just in the demo stage.  They have big plans for America.  Biden’s disasters are a necessary part of an extremely messy but deliberate strategy to revolutionize the country under the cover of concocted emergencies: climate, color, COVID, and chaos.  It’s a rushed attempt to entrench a goulash of “leftist-socialist-Marxist-progressive-globalist” policies into American culture so deeply that they are irreversible.  


And it’s working.

What’s not working is opposition against it.  Republicans are employing tactics tailored to situations that no longer exist. They complain. They investigate. They call for hearings. They tweet. They make articulate appeals to freedom, justice, the constitution, and civility.  

It’s not working.    

Think of what happened last week with illegal alien Haitians at the Del Rio, Texas, border – Haitians who’ve lived mostly in stable countries like Chile and Brazil, not Haiti.  It was an unmitigated disaster.  But the Haitian fiasco was just a small breach in a larger disaster that’s allowed an average of 200,000 people per month pour into the country since January.  As inept as it all appeared, most of these aliens were fanned out to American cities across the country. Likely for good. Mission accomplished.

On Tuesday, 26 GOP governors wrote a letter “respectfully” requesting a meeting with Biden on the border catastrophe within 15 days. Led by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, the governors wrote, “… we come directly to you seeking an open and constructive dialogue regarding border enforcement ….”  In interviews, Ducey kept emphasizing, “We are ready to work with the president.”  

The governors’ response to such an orchestrated catastrophe was like driving the speed limit to a deadly fire that’s engulfing a city with zero percent containment.  Biden’s the arsonist.  He lit the fire and, like Nero, is deliberately letting it burn to the ground so he and his architects can “build back better” cities in their image.


As usual, GOP governors didn’t take the hint.  Weeks before, Biden publicly railed against GOP governors who opposed mask mandates.  “Working together” was not an option.

“If these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic,” Biden promised, “I’ll use my powers as president to get them out of the way.”

They’re dealing with a “Corn Pop” dictator – a president who, in his own mind, is a “bad dude.” He doesn’t want compromise. He demands obedience.  

It’s past time for the GOP to shift their tactics to the situation we’re actually in, and not the one they wish it to be.  Like Gunny Donley’s scenario, Americans have been ambushed with heavy fire being rained down from relentless belligerents who are dug in at strategically advantageous positions and camouflaged behind a butchered-up brand of patriotism.  

These are not Democrats. Except in name, the Democrat Party is dead. We’re now dealing with anti-American, Trump-hating, political psychopaths who want to use race, COVID, climate change, and chaos to outlaw political differences using arbitrary policies that look to fundamentally destroy America as we know it.  These are sick people who, in the process, look at loss, suffering, and dying as par for the course towards some greater good.

Charles Krauthammer once wrote: “You can have the most advanced and efflorescent of cultures. Get your politics wrong, however, and everything stands to be swept away.”


Remarkably – with all of the catastrophes – Biden and the “Democrats” have, so far, been enormously successful at pursuing rotten ideas and policies that are doomed to failure in a country that flourished without them. The policies could never work in the long run, but in the meantime they’re wreaking havoc.

In opposing them, Republicans must keep it simple:  Do what works, and stop doing what doesn’t work.  

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