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My Confession About Guns

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Get ready for my confession.

I'm white, male and Republican. I dislike the government. I believe in the Constitution. I demand a wall to secure our border.

But I'm just getting started. I've watched violent TV shows and movies for my whole life. I don't watch unless it features cops versus bad guys, the military or the mafia.


And I've owned guns for self-defense my entire adult life. I have a concealed weapon permit. I'm packing right now. I love to go shooting ... with my kids. I took my daughter shooting to celebrate her graduation from Harvard. We shot machine guns.

Yet, somehow, despite this resume, I've never shot anyone. I've never killed anyone. I've never committed a crime. Hard to believe, huh?

Based on the hysterical propaganda coming from the media and Democrat presidential candidates last weekend, all-white male Republicans are killers and President Donald Trump is to blame -- along with 63 million Trump voters -- and banning guns is the only answer.

But they forgot to mention a few things.

The 2018 Annual Report and Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics reports noncitizens (primarily illegal aliens) makeup 7% of America's population but commit 42% of federal crimes.

Isn't it strange how all these criminals killing or committing other crimes against American citizens don't bother the Democratic Party or the liberal media? No headlines. No hysteria. No calls for action.     


 If Trump is responsible for every white mass shooter, why aren't Democrats responsible for the vast majority of the violent crime committed by criminals they protect from deportation in their "sanctuary cities"?

In the days leading up to the terrible mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, there were 60 shootings in Chicago. It was so bad Mt. Sinai Hospital had to stop accepting patients on Sunday because it hit maximum capacity in the trauma center. Sixty shot? How did that escape the media's glare?

A year ago, on the same weekend in Chicago, 74 people were shot, 12 of them killed -- yet, no blame for Democrats.

Chicago already has the nation's strictest gun control laws. They are a failure.

Or look south of our border. Wikipedia reports: "Mexico has extremely restrictive laws regarding gun possession. There is only one gun store in the entire country." Yet 889 people were killed in the first seven months of this year in Juarez, El Paso's sister city.

 In 2017, there were 25,339 murders in Mexico. And Mexico just set a new all-time record with 17,608 murders in the first half of this year.


 So, I guess the problem isn't one race. Or Republicans. Or Trump.

Did I mention the shooter in Dayton was a registered Democrat and supporter of Elizabeth Warren? Is Trump to blame? It's funny that the media didn't mention that.

The problem isn't even mass shootings. They're horrific, but they make up a tiny percentage of murders.

And the answer sure isn't strict gun control. It doesn't work. Criminals don't care, but defenseless citizens are slaughtered.

So please, let's not jump to conclusions and make bad decisions based on one very tragic weekend.

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