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Trump’s Opportunity of a Lifetime to Win the Hispanic Vote

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Today I offer a path to landslide victory for President Trump and the GOP. A historic realignment is there for the taking. President Trump has the opportunity of a lifetime to win over Hispanic voters and clinch elections for the GOP for decades to come. 

Poll after poll proves Donald Trump has expanded the tent in a way liberals and “Never Trumpers” never imagined. Trump has locked up most white voters forever for the GOP. The Democratic Party is poison to white voters. To put it in kid’s language- white people think the Democrat Party has “cooties.”

If Trump can now grab a significant portion of Hispanic voters, it’s game, set and match…forever. Don’t look now, but it’s doable.

First, Hispanic unemployment just sank to the all-time low in June. Now comes the poll showing Trump’s approval among Hispanics has soared 10 points in a month. 

Here’s advice for President Trump on how to strike while the iron is hot. Trump needs to give the following speech, in a big arena, in a city with a large Hispanic population. Hint: Las Vegas. 

“Let me speak directly to the Hispanic American community. If anything has been proven by the recent immigration debates, it’s that Democrats don’t care about you or your family as people. They see you solely as votes. Well, I care about you as Americans contributing to making America great again!"
Here are the facts:
 1. As President, my primary concern is your safety and economic well-being. That starts by securing our borders. No one suffers more than Hispanic Americans when illegal MS-13 and drug gangs invade your neighborhoods and come after your children. 

No one suffers more than Hispanic Americans when the labor market is flooded with desperate illegal immigrants who take your jobs and depress your wages.

No one suffers more than Hispanic Americans when local schools, hospitals and government programs are overwhelmed by illegal aliens.

Do the Democrats care about that? Evidently not. They want open borders and sanctuary cities. They want to abolish ICE. It’s just about votes for these greedy, selfish Democrats. They don’t care about your quality of life, or your children's future. I do.

2. I don’t want to deport millions of undocumented illegals who are law-abiding, contributing members of society. Many are your friends, neighbors, and even relatives. To the contrary, every proposal I’ve put forward includes provisions to help that group come out of the shadows and live here legally. That includes provisions for Dreamers brought here by their parents to have a pathway to citizenship. 

Neither I, nor a majority of your fellow American citizens, believe those who came illegally should have a path to citizenship.  However, I do believe those who have become contributing members of this great country should have a path to permanent residency. It seems a reasonable price to pay for an illegal act.

Do Democrats care about that? No, since they see them only as votes, not as human beings. Surely most, if not all, of these hard-working, undocumented individuals would jump at the opportunity to become legal.  

It’s clear the time has come for the Hispanic American community to stand up and “change sides.” Who truly cares about you? Trump Republicans focused on making your neighborhoods safe; providing you jobs and higher wages; lower taxes so you get to keep more of your hard-earned money; and giving legal status to your friends, neighbors, and relatives. Sound good? That’s behind Door #1.

Or, behind Door #2, Democrats want open borders, so they can keep you poor and dependent forever, so you’ll vote for them. 

It’s time to choose. Stop listening to the fake news. It’s not the Democrats who care about you. It’s Donald Trump and the Republicans! We offer real solutions and a higher quality of life. God Bless All Americans and God Bless the United States of America.”

Give this speech. Campaign on it day and night. Trump will get 40 percent to 50 percent of the Hispanic vote. Game. Set. Match. Forever.

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